Happy Spring…Summer

I am taking a break from Women’s groups for the Summer months….look forward to seeing you here in the Fall 2019


About once a month Georgia holds events at her home (usually 10-13 people) where she conducts a Women's Intuitive Group on a wide variety of topics such as; loss and grieving, connecting to your own intuition, etc. Please visit her Facebook page for updates on new meetings, or come back here as she will update this as well! For any questions on this group, please fill out the form below!

The mission of this group is:

  • To provide support for women seeking Spiritual growth

  • To provide support for women going through a myriad of changes

  • A forum to discuss openly questions that pertain to the above.

The details:

I hold the group at my home. Please rsvp by email, text, or through Facebook.

During this group I conduct a guided meditation, after we discuss our takeaways. We discuss where we are now, and how best to use intuitive guidance to open up to the best possibilities for our next right action.

  • Spirit messages for each person in the circle

  • A sense of connecting to like-minded women



QUESTIONS? Please contact Georgia below: