Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Arizona. I had not been out west since I was a very young woman, and had forgotten the sheer vastness of space of the west. You can drive for miles and not see much besides cactus, and scrub brush along the way. I hadn’t been on vacation for a very long time, at least one so far away, and it gave me a lot of perspective on my life, the kind of work that I do serving others’ and feeling a different sense of being in such a boundless place.

It was my very first visit to the Grand Canyon. We went to the Southern Rim. I sat thinking, and reimagining it in my mind’s eye this morning that view. The fence that went around the perimeter of the canyon, and how steep the fall would be. Watching some viewers being brave enough to sit out on the farthest edge beyond the safety net of that fence.
The different colors of the rocks and the grandeur of the sight, the symmetry of the light of a bright afternoon sky. If we looked way down below we could see the river that runs through it, though it looked like a blue/green mirage so far down below.

I have been told in this work of touching in with others’ energies that because I am so sensitive, and such an empath I need to take a step back,(to preserve my own energy,) so that their energy that belongs to each person remains with them, and leaves with them as they go. This is the tricky part. When you tap into the soul energy of another you are feeling, sensing, knowing everything about their soul. Picture only what you would want your Grandmother to know about you. That’s what I see mostly, because I ask to tap into the higher side of life. I set my own boundary, in that way so that I don’t fall into the darker caverns of anyone’s being.
So like the Canyon, there is a fence that makes it safe to view all the facets of the rocks. To see all the colors, and the heights, and depths without falling, or slipping off the edge.

Each of us has this majesty of a grander view within us I believe if we are willing to let ourselves go there. If we are able to believe that there is a divine spark, or infinite space within us. And that there is a protective fence guiding us from falling into the dark abyss of whatever scary experience we might have to walk through.

Sometimes the fright, and sheer lonely feeling of a major life change sends us reeling off that cliff as if we are about to fall with no safety net. Every loss of a loved one has made me feel that way. Like there is no surety in life. 

You may think the loss of a family member, a pet, or a job is like jumping into a vast expanse without a parachute to catch you. How will you find your way out? The depth of the pain of loss can seem to encompass your entire being. But I ask you to consider this: you are NOT alone; there is that fence, that protective edge that keeps you safe from drowning, or falling into FEAR. And also this life is guaranteed to change. Whatever pain you are experiencing now, whatever fear keeps you up at night will leave you. One day that new job will be your everyday life. One day the devastation of whatever major change that has uprooted your life will reorder itself. It starts with you! Believe that just as there are vast creations on this Earth that we can marvel at, we can marvel also at the love within us to guide us to a safer place.