I think I first heard these words right after the “Great Recession.” It might have been a T.D. Jakes talk with Oprah on OWN channel. I can’t quite remember. The important thing is this: if you have had a setback in your life you may have some scar tissue hanging on. There might be bitter embers of regret, anger at “the system,” the banks, a failed marriage……we all know the list that goes on, never mind the list of wrongs that never leaves our head. “Shoulda…….woulda……coulda!” If only we had put more money into a safe fund! If only we had not met the cheating b&%#@ in the first place, if only we had not left a job, or been let go of a job we thought we might have til retirement.

In THE MAGIC PATH OF INTUITION that was written many years ago by Florence Scovel Shinn, Shinn gives some of the original “secrets,” to asking Divine Intelligence/God for what you need or want. The manuscript was written in 1936 and has been repeated over and over in many books written by New Age authors such as “The Secret,” and more. If you are praying for more money to come into your life, or an improvement in your financial situation Florence Shinn advises a change not only in your attitude but in the specific language that you use to manifest more of what you need into your life.

We are accustomed to thinking of making money by having a better job, or driving money to us by sheer effort and will power. What if it were so much simpler than that. What if we could pray for an increase in funds all the while trusting that it might manifest in a myriad of ways. I’m not saying that you don’t have to work for what you need. Not at all, just that through meditating and making your request known to God/Spirit you lay your troubles and worry thoughts literally at the feet of a higher source. Money comes through to us in many ways. It could be a new job, or an unexpected check from money owed, an opportunity not thought of….the list goes on.

“The material attitude toward money is to trust in your salary, your income, and your investments, which can shrink overnight. The spiritual attitude is to trust in God for your supply-to keep your possessions, and always realize they are God-in-Manifestation. If one door closes, immediately, another door opens.”

Shinn suggests this Affirmation: God is my supply; and big, happy financial surprises now come to me.

I know this is hard. Believe me. I have had up times and down times when it comes to money. But when I ask in genuine sincerity for an increase for us and our loved ones, and ask that it be like a beacon to shine a light on what faith can do, it is amazing what happens as a result. No, I have yet to win the lottery. But I try to embrace the feeling of “richness,” in so many other ways. So I keep that little saying in my checkbook, and have for years: “A setback is a setup for a comeback.”

So if you are stressing about how more money is going to come to you, imagine that it is already on its way, perhaps in a new opportunity you may never have dreamed of. Imagine it coming right on time in the specific amount that you need. See an image of your wallet filled with cash. And listen to your inner guidance… is there a message there telling you something specific? A habit to change. A person to call. Something to recheck, or a new job board to look at. Go to your inner quiet place and listen with your spiritual ear, see if there is a direction signal waiting there, telling you specifically where you need to go. If it feels right in your gut, follow that hunch!