“Obstacles are a function of how we flow with energy.”

Judith Orloff M.D.  The Ecstasy of Surrender


How does one overcome the obstacles of not living a life that is the one they would opt for by design? How would accessing our innate ability for intuition and using our sixth-sense lead us to creating a life by our own choice?

By tuning in to a higher frequency. By truly listening to the spiritual side of life that flows through us, around us, and to us every day.

I believe that we are all born with the gift of intuition, but most of us choose to ignore it on some level because Intuition or the perceptions we receive when we access our sixth-sense are our most inner-most truths. We often live a life mired in some sort of denial about the action steps necessary to reach for the part of ourselves that already knows the answer. Have you ever been doing something mindless, an activity that requires no real specific thoughts, say walking, or doing yoga, or just sitting quietly?

Your hands touch the yoga mat, your body stretches into the downward dog pose, and suddenly an answer you have been muddling over in your mind comes to you out of “the blue.” That is how my intuition first started really reaching my everyday consciousness. It would be something as simple as, “you need to make a call to so and so.” Or “mail that bill on Friday.” Other types of intuitive moments happened with increasing frequency as I learned to “trust my own vibes,” and listen not only to my thoughts about something, but to my bodies reaction to a person, place, or thing. The obvious example that comes to mind is when someone tries to sell you something. This is a time to pay particular attention to how all of you feels in reaction to what this person is telling you that you can’t live without! People who “sell” for a living have an uncanny way of making you feel like you are getting something for nothing. Or this offer is going away quickly, so you must ACT now. My Dad used to say, “if it sounds too good to be true, generally it is.” Again trust, trust, trust your own internal voice.

Four years ago I had precognitive visions that were very specific of doing the kind of work I am doing right now. I held a friend’s hand, and said I am going to give you a reading. I know just what you should do. She laughed and said you mean you can do that. My inner self knew that I could, but I also knew that I wasn’t ready yet. It had only just begun. But when I thought about what that might mean…..my body was mired in “Goosebumps.” I knew on some level that I indeed might be doing this one day. That it was there somewhere lurking in me ready to emerge when I was ready. What was I afraid of?

I was afraid of what people would think. It has taken me a long time, and a lot of development work to get to that point where I have left behind the luggage of “will people think I’m crazy,” to be able to communicate with God/ Spirit and give them insight into their own lives and problems. My own happiness is the prize. I could no longer not access it, it bubbled to the surface and now has morphed me into my true-whole-self. I only wish I could have realized at a much younger age that it was okay to be this way.

Intuition guides us if we could only but listen. It gives us information about everything, every choice we need to make, who to marry, who to date, where to live, and who to connect with. Have you ever met someone new and got an awful vibe but went against that gut feeling and listened to this person’s guidance or direction even though it did not fit for your life? Always listen to that feeling. It is the God-spark within that is guiding you, directing you to make the highest and best decisions that will not only make you happy and prosper, but also avert danger and misguided decisions.