Finally, the over-bearing heat and humidity is coming to an end and my favorite time of year is rolling in. Fall brings with it an array of brilliant colors as the trees are lush and green and suddenly star to turn yellow, orange, reds, and yet as quickly as they turn they start to fall.

Some people dislike this time of year because they see all too clearly the onset of Winter, cold stark periods of dismal weather and the diminishment of sunlight. And though I will miss the Sun, and the ability to take my Nature walks, there is something about cooler weather and colorful trees that calls to me. The change of seasons can be radiant, but also fleeting. We may long for beach days to go on forever. I love taking walks amid the falling leaves when cooler breezes start to envelop the sky, and as you walk your hair blows around your face and the leaves are lifted up in the air doing their own kind of dance. This is one season where I feel like I can breathe.

And yet, you would have to be a fool not to see what lies ahead! The coming of something else.

Life is like that. Like a dog that can sense a scent from a mile away, we too can sense change. It could be the loss of loved ones, things falling apart, or something new finally coming together.

But in fact it is not all bad. Change is what it is. It is not dressed in something else. It is part of living this life. Children grow up, and become adults and leave the nest. There is a loss there for the parents, but also a freedom in the change it brings forth. A puppy grows into a full-grown dog. But with that change, the dog becomes trained, less rambunctious, and is able to be a nice companion. People age and may not be as agile as they once were, but can still watch the agility of children, and appreciate a time when they too could do all kinds of handstands and flips.

The tree in late Autumn may look empty and bleak. Or it could be that it is just dormant for a time, resting and waiting for the remainder of Winter, and the reawakening of another Spring.

You may be going through changes in your life. Loss of loved ones, and or grown children making it on their own, loss of pets, or a change in circumstances of so many different kinds. It is not all bleak. It is an opening, or a resting time for the next seed to germinate and bloom into a different kind of experience in your life journey. A loss is a transition, not a final act.

In Collete-Baron Reid’s book called “The Map,” she invites us to traverse our inner landscape and see it much as a map. “Close your eyes, and ask yourself: Where am I?” And as you examine your interior landscape you may soon realize you can imagine your “soul” self anywhere. Loss is not a dead-end. It is a feeling of letting go. Fear is also a feeling of what could lay ahead. If we take some time to view our interior landscape we can examine those feelings, and observe that they are real, but as in the analogy of The Map, they are simply a stop-over in a journey through life.