You can look back say over the last 5 years of your life, and reflect on all the choices that have brought you to the point in time that you find yourself at now.

Today is April 11th, 2017, and Spring is finally upon us. Ahhh…. we may have just gotten a taste of warmer weather, but just the idea of a change in seasons is enough to refresh your mind and spirit. It does mine. We are given a hopeful feeling that the dark, colder days of winter are edging behind us, and that warm weather will make for happier feelings, and an array of options for getting outside.

In the classroom called Life, we are given lessons I believe. You might ask yourself 'why?'. Why did x,y,z happen to me? Why did I lose my job, or, why can’t I find my ideal calling in life? Why haven’t I met the perfect partner, or when oh when, will I be able to afford to live a life without worry and fear? You know that dread feeling, anticipating worst-case scenarios, always feeling fearful of the next bend in the road.

What choices have brought you here to this time, this moment, this day? Let’s start with now, and look at everything as a clean slate of potentiality before us.

Sometimes we may feel like we are living in a state of suspended animation. We don’t know what we want perhaps, but we know that we want something more than we have right now. We may feel a nudge to go looking on a certain website, or to stop by a new aged shop, drawn to a specific book…. something is nudging us forward giving us hope that we can manifest a more fulfilling and abundant life.

There have been many times in my life when the turn in the road was sparked by walking into the right bookstore. It was like a divine synchronicity was guiding me like a car blinker saying, “turn here.” Or it may have been a book literally falling into my hands however it got here, a talk I was inspired to listen to whether online, or in person, or a gut vibe to stop and listen.

Hard to do in the culture in which we live right?

Just stop, look, and listen like we were trained to do as kids, before walking that crosswalk on our way to school. In my world of working as an Intuitive, people come to me with a question they sometimes don’t even know they are yearning to ask. I believe that whoever comes to me for a reading is looking not only for evidence that their loved ones are still with them, but are they on the right path for themselves? Should I go left or right? Should I have a baby now, get married, is he/she the right person for me? To buy a house, or stay put? You get it. We all want validation, confirmation, or a nod, wink, and a “hello” from the Universe.

Intuitively if we all take time to drop into the present moment we know the answer. Or we may sense in ourselves a resistance. On some level if we are honest with ourselves and slow down long enough we know maybe we need to wait and be in a better place financially before adding another person, place, or thing to our lives.

Where and how do you choose to make your way forward? What do you want to keep?  What better way could you choose for dealing with conflict going into the future?

Take a moment to look at the choices you have made over the past year. What choices felt hard, and forced, and perhaps brought about a reality not of your choosing?

When I look at how far I have come on this journey called life, I will borrow a quote I heard yesterday, “this is the path I was meant to be on. This is the life I was meant to live.”.

Life seems to be a never-ending classroom filled with many hard lessons of discovering our soul’s purpose on this earth plane. I feel sometimes like I was born asking why? Why are things as they are, and yet also why not? 

The intuitive spark within me has always seen a possibility of future events that have yet to manifest. Some call it a psychic vision, and some call it imagination. I see sometimes with an artist’s eye where like in a coloring book, the page is lacking in color. Could there be something warm added to a dark and bleak space? And beyond even that, I have always felt the spiritual energy, or vibe of a place (Very helpful in the house hunting department). When you are searching for a home, you want to walk into a place and feel “the vibes,” of a space. Can you imagine yourself living there? What is calling you to this living space? Does it feel like home in your bones? When my family and I were searching for our home, we looked at many houses, within our price range. One walk in the door, and I was usually out the door quickly. My husband would say, “What’s wrong?” ,and I could not give a specific answer. I just knew that something felt off. Well the house we eventually picked isn’t located in the greatest spot, nor does it have a big sprawling lawn, or anything remotely like that. But, from the moment we walked in and looked around, my spirit vibes said, “Yes! We are home.".

Where do you feel most yourself as we SPRING forward? Who encourages you to be the most authentic version of YOU? What can you co-create to improve on all the aspects of your life?