“ Faith is walking full-speed into the dark.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

“So now I’ve started living my own life. Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now thoroughly.”

I am continually amazed how Spirit works. Outside of the should there is a sense of knowing something is coming is my gage for what I need to do now in the present moment. Like a leaf falling from an Oak tree, a message from Spirit drifts into an open mind. What do I need to course correct? Or what is my next right action? Spirit is like the MUSE directing words and information that float into my consciousness out of the ethos. Spirit or God or the Universe is the great Master Artist I believe behind all the machinations of our soul. Many ask me what happens in the moment that we die? Or how can there really be a Great Source, or God that would allow for bad things to happen? I get it. I really do. I am wandering around in the dark asking that question a lot myself. Between fires, floods, hurricanes, and mass shootings baring down on us in the daily news, we may all be feeling that beast of FEAR in our bellies. We want the fear thoughts about all the terrifying things going on tin the World to STOP! I think that most of all we want some balance of Peace. We Want some reassurance that we could live in a World where freedom and peace, love and harmony could so-exist. So how then can we stop the fearful thoughts and worries? And where is the Divine in all of this?

As someone who believes that God lives within all of us, I also believe that those that deliberately do harm are operating under their own free will to do so. It is these people who have lost their sense of right and wrong and the enormity of the consequences of their personal actions. Every step of the way they are making a choice. So conversely are we. We can choose peace, love, and meeting others where they are with the courage to be our truest selves. We don’t have to live in the land of but what if? We can embrace our strength to live “one day at a time”, marveling at the good things in our lives. We can choose hope. We can be the forerunners, the light-workers, giving space for those who have lost children, friends husbands and wives. We can give out love in any way we can however we can , as often as we can. Where do we start to feel Peace? And how can we erase fears of the what-ifs? Much like the serenity prayer—one conscious thought at a time—One day at a time. Like the song goes, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me…” It begins with our faith and belief in what is possible, and asking for help from our higher power to bring us into divine right-order. We must have the courage to keep waking up to the sunlight, day after day, and do our personal best to make a difference.

On a good day, I try to live my life this way. I ask for the next right action, and for the highest and best for myself, my family, and for this Nation, and the World. Today, I sat outside on a peaceful, beautiful early Fall day, and I was inspired to look up. The sky was a brilliant blue, the Sun was shining, and the horizon was dotted by white puffy clouds. As I gazed upward a hawk flew up above, reminding me that answers most always come by being more objective, going to a place of gratitude, and releasing unwanted emotions. Like the swell of the huge ocean, the tides come in and go out. Letting go of our fears about what might happen next, can be difficult at best. But over and over I am reminded: “Let go, and TRUST! Have that faith, that with courage, our lives have a way of working out in divine right order, and the old grandfather clock ticking away, in the divine timing.