"I have come to Georgia for a few appointments and she has been a great source of comfort as well as information for me.  I find that she easily explains things to me and I feel at ease when sitting with her.  When she does a reading for me, she is clear with what she gives me and has always been accurate.  Most recently something came to light that she shared with me the very first time we met and it was helpful to know that my loved ones are still watching over me.

It’s a comfort to know that when I am lonely or missing my loved ones, I can reach out to her, make an appointment and feel close again to the ones I am missing.

I really enjoy my readings and when having a reading, I feel as though I am sitting with a friend.

Truly a blessing and a gift that she is willing to share. "

-Donna H: New Hampshire

"Georgia's intuitive abilities come from having a pure connection to spirit. She approaches each person from a reverence for their soul's path of learning this lifetime. She is the "real deal", walking her talk by a deep commitment to ongoing inner growth.  Because she comes from wholeness, she can approach each person from a clear field, allowing the spiritual guidance to come to her precisely and from the highest levels."  Sharon Massoth, LCSW Intuitive Coach

"Georgia has a truly beautiful gift of being able to connect intuitively to an individual and spirit, but more than that she is a beautiful person herself. I am always amazed by the depth and accuracy of her readings and I go with full faith knowing she will do the best she can to make it a special moment. I am most impressed with her kindness, generosity, and desire to help others. I would recommend Georgia to anyone who is open and willing to be blessed by the opportunity to connect emotionally and spirituality to the world all around us".


The comfort I get, not only from being around Georgia, but from her readings, is real. She has been invaluable in helping me process my father's sudden death nearly six years ago, and more recently in helping me receive messages from my Grandmother, who died a year ago. As I strive to better understand my maternal lineage, Georgia's assistance and insights have been so welcome.

 - Karen C.L. Anderson

https://www.kclanderson.com/ Author of Difficult mothers, Adult daughters

Georgia Woodward is a gifted medium and psychic whose abilities are superlative. I have enjoyed her service for many years because I know her to be honest, authentic, trustworthy, and her messages from the 'other side' of life are clear and accurate.    

 - JS, New London

I was looking to be more connected to kindred spirits in my community and to build friendships.   A friend suggested Georgia’s circle.  I could feel good energy as soon as I walked into Georgia’s home and more when I met her in person. I’ve attended several circles now and have found Georgia and the other women to be accepting and non-judgmental, even with ideas that may be out of their experience.  The group has been inclusive and warm.  Georgia has created a safe place to be with others and express ideas and feelings.  She has a gift for connecting with spirit and everyone looks forward to a message at the end of the evening.

-Carol Chappell


What a pleasure it is to describe my awesome experiences with Georgia Woodward! 
When I first met Georgia she surprised me with an accurate description of an elderly
neighbor of mine who had passed on.  She then proceeded to give me his appropriate
and significant message.  It was so fitting that it astounded me at the time.  Getting
to know more of Georgia after that, was easy and comfortable.  She has a generous
spirit, a welcoming warmth, and a true willingness to serve.  I have also attended her
women's group sessions and witnessed her strong leadership abilities.  When Georgia
delivers a message, she tunes in very quickly and then offers concise and meaningful
information.  It is refreshing to know this authentic medium who is using her gifts
effectively and wisely!  
-Peggy BlakE

"I have known Georgia for more than 20 years. She has always had the "intuitive" gift. Over the years she has continued to develop this gift, and I have personally received many messages for her. Not only is she clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient, but she is also a gifted healer and psychic. Georgia is genuine, compassionate, and kind when delivering a message or giving a reading. Her ability to be accurate is spot-on. If you have any doubt as to the possibility of life after death, you will find yourself a believer.  Trust me you will not be disappointed. Georgia identifies your loved ones as they become apparent to her. This is how I know she is the real deal. Ask a question, you will get the answer, and believe me you will not be disappointed.


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